Dragon City Mobile Game Review

The dragons are now becoming the center character of many movies and games. The animators are developing some cute dragons, which are attracting the people across the world. Hence, most of the people love to play the games on their smartphones, Social Point has developed the Dragon City mobile to entertain the smartphone users. This game is for all the users from small kids to entertainment loving adults. In this game you raise the dragons, you arrange food for them, develop their habits, and then fight against other dragons. This game allows you to connect with your friends on Facebook, Google Play, and Game Center. You can visit their cities and have some business with them.


However, Dragon City is a different game, but still playing it should not be a tough task for you. The cities seem like some sorts’ farms. You would certainly like to play this game, when you will check a number of adorable and attractive dragons. The game reveals different dragon combinations on different levels and that’s what excites the players. The game starts quite decently and you get a dragon to complete the further quests.

Your main quest would be developing the basic habits of the acquired dragons. You can also buy or hatch eggs, get a baby dragon and raise him to the adult age. You can also breed the dragons in the game and prepare a small troop of cute dragons. Of course, you will not raise the dragons only for fighting. There are a number of other quests that you need to complete through the dragons. You can connect to other players and then allow your dragon to fight with other dragons. It seems quite normal, but things become quite entertaining as the dragon becomes an adult dragon.

There is actually no story in the game. It seems very puzzling that why you are raising the dragons and why developing their habits. The developers are failed to express the vision and that’s what seems quite frustrating. However, Dragon City still seems attractive because it allows you to try different dragon combinations for breeding a new dragon. You would love to do that throughout the game. You can play this game with your friends and ask them to show their dragons.

How to play the game?

You pay gems for buying all the resources in the game. Some players may not like to play it after a few hours because the in-app purchase is quite expensive. You can soon lose a large amount of gems for buying vital resources. So, it is important to know how to play the game by saving important resources.

The game shows you a number of different dragons. You can buy these dragons from in-app store by paying the required gems. There are different currencies in the game. You will have to buy the gems, once your account is empty. By the way, there is a good news that you can also share the resources with your friends. Thus, you can prevent the purchase and share the resources to enjoy Dragon City game.

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